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10 Easily Fixed Reasons Why YOUR SITE SUCKS!

It’s true! Your site sucks! I know, I know… It looks good! Well it looks good to you anyway. And that could be a good thing. In reality, even though your site looks good to you, it doesn’t really matter what you think. Yeah, I said it! Your opinion doesn’t count for diddley squat! Keep reading to find out how to make it so that your site doesn’t suck anymore!


Antiquated Design

Your site has a retro design but it wasn’t on purpose! Have you updated your sites design recently? If not, then it might be time to have a redesign done. Internet surfers are used to seeing a certain type of design aesthetic. If your site doesn’t have that or one similar to that of your competitors, then your site sucks! At least it does to your potential customers/clients.


Poor Navigation

How many times have you visited a site where you had to hunt for the navigation. You had to click on a link hoping that it would take you where you wanted to go. All of the sudden you are on a page that has nothing you were looking for. Your sites navigation should be clearly evident. Meaning it should stand out so that when people want to find relevant information or to peruse your site, it should easy to find.


Not Sticky Enough

No… this doesn’t mean you need to spill coffee on your keyboard to make it sticky! Simply put, what do you have on your site that would make a visitor come back? Do you have a forum, discussion room, chat, weekly videos or something of that nature? Most business owners don’t have any of these items. So when a visitor comes to the site, if they don’t have a reason to keep coming back, they most likely won’t be back. Comments on articles is a great way to make your site sticky. It allows readers to engage with each other about the current articles. They will check back often to see what has been said about a topic they are interested in. WordPress sites have the ability to include comments on articles as well as pages.


No Syndication

So you have worked feverishly to add content to your site. You have put up videos, thought-provoking articles, and some great reviews… now what? Well the next step is to make sure that everyone knows its there. The best way is to make sure that you have a way of syndicating your content. Syndication is simply a way for other website owners to add your content to their websites with the attribution going to your site. This helps your site by providing links back to you. These links help to increase your search engine ranking as well as increased credibility with your site’s visitors. Converting your site to WordPress would provide an easy way to syndicate your content and in most cases, it is done automagically!


Wordpress ConversionStale Content

When is the last time your posted anything on your site? A week, a month… 3 months? If you haven’t added new content to your site in awhile, then you are doing yourself a huge injustice. People search the internet for current information. They want information that is relevant to what they are doing right now. If your content is from 3 years ago, chances are that it is no longer current or pliable to what is going on now. Make sure you are posting updated and current content to your site. It is okay to go back through your old content and update it too. As a matter of fact, please do! Your visitors will thank you for it and so will the search engines.


No Love From The Search Engines

As I have eluded to in the other topics of this articles, your site is probably sucking wind because you aren’t getting any love from the Search Engines! This could be a design issue, content issue, syndication issue or something more. It is important to always keep the search engines in mind. They provide free and highly targeted traffic to your site. If you choose not operate with the SE’s in mind, then you will miss out on some great traffic that you would otherwise have to pay for. One way to really increase your site’s favor with the SE’s is to convert your site to WordPress. WordPress is truly loved by the Search Engines. It is a great platform that Google, Yahoo, and Bing absolutely adore! I recently read an article that said something like 50+% of the top 1 million sites are built on WordPress. That cannot possibly be a fluke!


Website RedesignNo Personality

Now, WordPress can’t add a personality to your site, but YOU CAN! When you are placing content on your site, it is important that your visitors know they are dealing with a real person. The easiest way to do this is to just write like you talk. Don’t use a lot of big words, no stress over having a few mistakes in grammar or spelling. Like say goes, “To err is human”. Keep this in mind when adding content to your site.



Lack of Imagery

Pictures speak a thousand words! We’ve all heard that! Well it could be more true than on the web. If your site doesn’t make regular yet tasteful use of images then your site is sucking pretty badly! Pictures along with words are the best way to tell a story or to get a point across. If you aren’t a photographer, then there are a ton of places where you can get free images to use on your site. Doing a search in Google or any other search engine should help you locate some great images to use. My personal favorite is the Stock Exchange site. Check it out!



Owner Centered Design

When your site was designed, did you make sure the designer was informed about the type of people that would be visiting the site. Did your designer ask about your clients? These are some really important questions. If your site is/was designed for you (the owner) then it is probably sucking wind right now. Although you are the owner, you don’t pay your own bills. Your customers do! So it makes sense that everything customer facing should include items from their input. It should have things that they are familiar with so that they feel comfortable doing business with you. WordPress doesn’t do this natively but it does make it easy to build user-centered sites.


Las Vegas Web DesignLacking Readability

Is your site easy to read? Is all of your content bunched together in a cluttered and distracting manner? In most of the sites I have seen, this is the case. On some sites, I have seen some pretty crazy colored text on backgrounds that gave me a headache when trying to read it. If your site is focused around content, it is always best to make that a priority. Simple black and white text is the best way to ensure your visitors can read your content. Spacing and how your content is organized the one of the other ways.



As a web designer, I have had the opportunity to work on a number of sites. I have built some as regular static sites. I have built some on a couple of different content management systems. I can some with some certainty, that the ones I have built on WordPress have outperformed any of the others I have built. If your site is not performing like you would like it too, see about having built on WordPress. I think once you have made the leap, you won’t ever look back.


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