Mashable Gets A Brand New Facelift!

One of the most frequented sites on the Internet is This is a site that features news from a bevy of different topics but mostly it evolves around tech stuff. If you know anything about me, I am a huge technology geek! Or as I like to refer to myself “Techno Geek!” Almost sounds like I love techno music but it is gadgets that are the apples (pun intended) of my eye.

At any rate! Back to the Mashable redesign…

Mashable has released their new version of their site. I am going to break down my likes and dislikes about this site. If you agree… GREAT! If not, who cares! Joking! Here we go…

mashable redesignLIKES

  1. User/Content Centered Design – This site is not only beautiful, but it is well organized in a way that make finding the information I am interested easy to find. Easily making this one of my biggest time wasters! I don’t mind because the information on this site is worth wasting a few minutes… err…. hours! LOL!!!
  2. Never Ending Scroll – The next thing I noticed about the new Mashable redesign is the ability to scroll, then scroll some more… then you get to scroll some more! I actually liked this alot. I didn’t have to click a bunch of links to see what more the site had to offer.
  3. Social Integration – Mashable has made it almost too easy to share information from their site. Simply hovering over and image provides the user with option on sharing what they are reading as well as the any images they might find worth sharing.


  1. Missing content – Some of the articles are missing some very pertinent content. This probably due to the import process they used when they launched the site. So it is not a huge deal but still annoying all the same!
  2. Missing Dates – On the homepage, some of the articles are missing dates. Not sure if this was intentional or not, but I know personally, if something was written about way back in March, knowing that upfront could save a few precious seconds.
  3. Ads! – Damn it! I hates advertisements! In my head, I know they pay the bills but sometimes, I just want to read something without it having a flashing, blinking or moving graphic embedded in it or next to it.

Overall, I think the new design is slick, hip, and a bag of chips! It is very addictive! As you read one story, you are immediately greeted with more stories that may be of interest to you. Keeps you wanting more. Of course, with anything new like this, there are going to be some hiccups but Mashable is handling them in stride. The new Mashable redesign is the way of the future for news sites. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the new Mashable redesign.

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